Friday, 7 October 2011

Rimmel Lipstick - Kate Moss Collection.

So i think its been nearly a week since supermodel Kate Moss released her lipstick collection thanks to Rimmel London.
When i saw this advertised i had to have these. All of the colours are amazing, and in my local Boots and Superdrug they are only priced at £5.49 which is a steal!

I love the packaging of this product, just the sleek matte case with kate's signature in red is very basic but alluring, which makes it stand out for buyers. plus its by a celebraty who wouldnt buy it, right?

The pigmentation of these lipsticks are very high quality, just with soe swipe it is very opaque and if you are using for example 'No 4,' This is a very deep plum, i like colours like this very dramatic indeed, i would swatch these in store with the testers first incase they are too bold for you. But this lipstick is good for halloween which is coming up, (look out for a tutorial using this lipstick)

Rimmel says:  A true chic treat. Unique, sexy and unconventional, just like Kate.

This lipstick contains 'black diamonds' which brings incredible new levels of light reflective elements. Creating gorgeous, hypnotizing tones that make you look, then look again : )

Its been 10 years since Kate Moss has been partners with Rimmel London, this is to symbolise her success within the years.

well done kate. excellent product.

-Vicky x


  1. Everyone in the UK keeps posting about these!!!! Makes me so jealous!!! :( i'm 99% sure they aren't sold in america!

  2. i love the look of these! Must swatch them when i pop into boots xx