Thursday, 13 October 2011


So, this months glossybox is still to come so you will have to wait for that one (sorry), but for now, i want to share with you a contest i won through twitter, to receive a free glossybox.
this i was very excited about.
The contest was held by @mummytoboo on twitter, go follow :D
I am guessing this box is from Augusts month (as it says august 2011 on it vicky, duh) :)

So as you can see here, this is what i received in the box. This was very generous, because being a sample service you would expect small sizes, but most of these aren't. so its great!

  1. MURAD Time Release Blemish Control

    I received a 30ml sample of this, and i've heard quite alot about this product. It contains Salicylic Acid which is an acne treatment which also minimizes the signs of ageing.
    Full Price: 200ml | £29.00
  2. AHAVA Mineral Body Lotion
    This particular body lotion is aimed at people with sensitive skin, so if that is you this product is highly recommended.
    I received a 40ml sample.
    Full Price: 250ml | £22.00
    This is on sale right now for just £19.50, so go check it out on there website.
  3. DANIEL SANDLER Jumbo Jet Mascara
    Create an intense and mysterious look with the Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara. A must have for the woman who wants to get noticed, this intense black mascara is the perfect addition to your collection.
    Full Price: 15ml | £14.75
  4. KMS CALIFORNIA Hairstay Style Boost
    Super-lightweight KMS Hairstay Style Boost acts as a styling foundation, offering natural movement and bounce. Layer it with your favourite styling products and your style will last for up to three times longer.
    Full Price: 200ml | £14.50
  5. REBEL NAILS Nail Wraps TOES
    This is just a fun gift in the box.
    These are just fun stickers you can apply to your finger and toe nails for that funky effect with no smudging,drying, chipping or gluing.
    Full Price: £5.99

Hope you enjoyed.
Comment below.
-Vicky xx


  1. arghh the ladybirds and ribbon is so cute!
    wow your eyelashes look so loooooong!

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  3. wow glossybox are so much better in england !!! xx Mél

  4. Found you on beautylish, following you :)

    Hope you can follow me too! <3